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Unroll Fun With New Scion Rugs

Rugs, glorious rugs. We love them here at Scion.

As a finishing touch, a statement piece, or an accessory item that puts a smile on your face, we just think they’re a key ingredient to the happy home.

Our stylist, Bronwyn, is a rug champion. She’s here to answer some key Qs and share her nuggets of wisdom on how to use rugs to get the best out of your home.

What makes a printed rug a sure-fire win for happy homes?

A printed rug is a great way to add a burst of colour and pattern. It’s also a quick and easy way to update a room that you’re a bit tired of! Try pairing with some new cushions and- bob’s your uncle- you’ve got yourself a whole new space.

Furniture on, or off, the rug- which school of thinking are you?

Ooft, a toughie, and totally depends on the room. I’d go furniture on the rug, especially a sofa or a bed, as it enlarges the room and helps introduce a sense of flow.

What’s your no. 1 rule for choosing a rug to fit the space you have?

Always go for a rug bigger than you think. It’s easier to work with an oversized rug by layering furniture on top, but a rug that is too small always stands out and divides the room up.

The age-old problem: plant pots on the rug or nowhere near?

On! Just make sure it’s not too overcrowded. After all you want to still be able to see the rug, especially if it’s patterned!

Once you’ve bagged yourself a nifty rug from Scion, how can you best look after your new pride and joy?

Regular hoovering with keep the rug looking good as new. Make sure you pick it up and shake it and reposition it if you need. You can even buy underlay to keep the rug in place so it doesn’t move around and look untidy.

We know you can't have a favourite... so pick your best loved 3 and tell us why you love them.

If I had to choose 3 favourites then I think it would have to be the Ride The Wave rug in Denim, it’s such a fun print and I love the colour. Leopard Dots is another favourite, because who doesn’t love leopard print?! And Ferns is such a lovely print and really unique!

What are your top tips for using a patterned rug in your scheme?

I think a patterned rug looks best when paired with coordinating soft furnishings and- if you’re really looking to push the boat out- pattern on pattern always looks great.

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