3 Ways To Style Fan-Favourite Pattern Lohko

To celebrate a decade of upbeat design for cheerful homes, we’ve reworked a real fan no. 1 design. Meet the 12 new Lohko wallpapers and discover three ways to turn this cheerful icon into a total legend.

Monochrome with a hint of citrus

Who says you have to be strict with your colour palettes? Bringing in leafy greens and soft tropical prints with soft biscuit hues will add vibrancy to your monochrome scheme. Create a calming and relaxing space and add a touch of Mr Fox for a dash of extra personality.

Bold and beautiful!

For some serious mid-century vibes with Turmeric and Charcoal tones, Going Lohko wallpaper is the one for you. Why not add in our cheeky Garden of Eden design to add a little something from nature, even when indoors? The toffee tones of the Esala Plains fabric bring an edge of sophistication to the scheme whilst staying fun.

Chalky brights

Fun and playful, this look features bright, clean blues and sunny sunshine tones, a classic scandi Scion feel. Maximalism at its best! Opt for Lohko on the walls and choose something like Rosehip or Jackfruit And the Beanstalk fabric for curtains or blinds to make the room pop.