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Pick the Perfect Colour Scheme for Your Home Office

Colours schemes for your home office

Over the past 18 months, many of us have been making do with a laptop on our knees or an ad hoc space on the kitchen table. But things are finally getting back to something resembling normal and many of us have been returning to the office. Work might never be the same again as this return to the office is greeted with a flexible offering, a few days at home each week. With hybrid working looking like it’s here to stay many of us are realising we need more of a permanent set-up at home. 

If you’re going to be working in the same room each day then it’s crucial to give it a bit of life, add your personality and many it a fun and creative space to spend your 9 to 5. One way you can do that is with different colours and wallpapers. Colours have a huge impact on our emotions, often without us even realising. Blues and greens are linked with calmness while yellow gives us greater levels of energy. 

We can use colours to create the perfect working environment. No one colour suits us all, our personalities and day to day tasks are all different. Some of us might need to be creative while others need to concentrate and work through more repetitive tasks. This is a space where you’re be spending the majority of your day, so it needs to be as unique as you are. 

Get Productive with Blues

Blue is the colour of productivity, helping to calm the mind and aid concentration. If you need to maximise your focus or perhaps complete a lot of different tasks then blue is the colour for you. Blue is one of the most popular colours as it pairs so well with other tones and shades. A deep blue wallpaper can create a sophisticated space, while patterned designs can add in some fun and flair. 

Geometric designs will give you a professional background, with a bit of colour and pattern to break up the space. Our Aikyo wallpaper in Coast is a sophisticated design perfect for an office environment. Drawing on Scandinavian influences, this bold geometric design combines a light blue with darker tones. It pairs nicely with darker shades of blue and grey. Another great option would be our Lohko in Mist. This retro-contemporary design has n assertive, architectural feel. The Lohko design features oversized abstract boulders.

Aikyo wallpaper in Coast (photo by @zz.designs) / Lohko wallpaper in Mist (photo by @exactlydesigns)

A nice way to use blue in your office is with a feature wall. This can help to keep the room feeling lighter if it’s a small space and keep costs down. We have a range of fun and fabulous designs that will help get you through your 9 to 5.

Our Swim Swam Swan Wallpaper in Denim is a playful pattern. The white and pink of the swans is a stark contrast to the deep blue background. This design is perfect for feature walls and would make an impressive background for video calls. You could lose yourself in nature with our Rumble In The Jungle wallpaper in Midnight/Mint Leaf.

If you decide on plain blue for your walls, then you could use one of our funky fabrics to add some charm and break up the big blocks of colour. We love what @our.yorkshire.home has done in their office. The dark blue walls look very professional, while the frames and Mr Fox cushion and blinds add some individuality.

Blue doesn’t have to be limited to just your walls! We have a range of bold blue fabric designs that would work well with lighter walls as curtains or blinds.

If you’re looking for something playful with some additional colour splashes then we’d recommend Jackfruit And The Beanstalk in Midnight or Noukku Fabric in Mist/Kiwi/Midnight. Or if you prefer a bold block of blue we have Plains One in a stunning deep Indigo or Esala Plains in a lighter Denim.

Energise Yourself with Yellows

It’s not just your coffee that can help get you going in the morning! Yellow is one of the strongest psychological colours and is associated with an increase in energy, positivity, happiness and confidence. A perfect colour for anyone who needs to get their creative juices flowing.

If the geometric designs caught your eye then we also have a fabulous selection in yellow. Our Forma wallpaper in Dandelion is a deep tone with a quirky retro feel. Geo patterns are also a great choice for blinds and curtains. The natural light helps to outline the designs and make the yellows even brighter.

Lohko Wallpaper in Cinnamon (image by @thechainstudio)

If you’d like to incorporate a little of the outdoors in your design then try our Looting Fruits or Elsa designs. Looting Fruits is a decorative and hugely useable design depicting chatting birds hiding amongst a playful hedgerow scene. Coming in a deeper yellow tone, it is a popular choice for both wallpaper and curtains. The Elsa design is full of colour, with joyful sunshine yellow and highlights of blush pink. This stunning floral motif is sure to brighten up even the dreariest Monday morning.

A subtle yellow can help to make your office more vibrant without being overwhelming. Our recommendation would be the Bark Wallpaper in Zest/Chalk. This is a versatile textured plain design resembling the uneven and interlocking patterns of bark. Or our Haiku wallpaper in Honey is perfect for any daydreamers who want to get lost in the clouds. 

Create a Calming Space with Greens

Green is a harmonising colour that strikes a nice balance between other primary colours. It is known for helping to create a sense of calm and reassurance. Green is the perfect choice if you want a calm work environment.

Our Ferns wallpaper in Juniper is a wonderful option for creating a relaxing work environment. This design has used ink to paint the ferns, giving them a lovely, rich textural look. You could choose our Nordic-inspired Vector design, which is perfect for elongating smaller rooms and injecting some sublet colour into your office. Or another stunning repeat pattern design is our Uteki wallpaper. Uteki means raindrops and is a striking wallpaper. A printed warp creates a true ikat, accurately depicting Japan's perfect imperfect aesthetic.

Many of us have been stuck indoors far too much in the last year. Why not use a green botanical or floral pattern to bring a little bit of the outdoors in. Take a stroll in the park with our Cedar wallpaper, get lost in a tropical jungle with Kumana or relax on a palm-lined beach with Hikkaduwa.

Floral wallpapers are also great for adding in bright colours to compliment your green theme. Like our St Clements wallpaper which is bursting with zesty shades of yellow and orange.

If your office is also a shared space, perhaps the spare room, then you could go for a playful feature wall. We’d recommend our Mr Fox in Mint Leaf. He can keep you company at work and will be popular with any guests.

Or if you’re missing your morning cycle into work then our Cykel wallpaper in Apple is perfect. This charming design of a retro pushbike is a nice neutral green tone to use in a shared space. @mjginteriors have used it wonderfully to create a wallpaper border above the window. 

Brighten Up Smaller Spaces with Neutrals and Greys

While greys, whites and creams aren’t colours that are associated with significant psychological boosts they are tranquil tones that can be used as a backdrop to more vibrant, prime colours. Lighter colours can also help to make smaller spaces appear larger and brighter, so if you are converting a smaller room into your office they could be perfect.

Grey is a very versatile colour that you can combine with brighter tones for small pops of colour or keep it neutral with white. By having a more neutral feel to your walls it’s easier to add frames and photos, perhaps bring some colour in with plants and flowers, or make a statement with bright curtains or a rug. 

Our Aikyo geometric wallpaper in Grey will create a smart and neutral backdrop. It goes well with light wood furnishes and a splash of green from some potted plants. Or to add a little extra colour in, why not try Modul in Blush. This is a retro geometric design with greys, pink and a touch of navy blue. We think it looks really stylish in @honedinteriors office.

Aikyo Wallpaper in Parchment (image by @pigmento.homedesign) / Modul Wallpaper in Blush / Multi (image by @honedinteriors)

If you wanted a neutral patter then try one of our Kedla designs. While they depict a woodland scene and have plenty going on, the colour palette is very subtle so it won't look too busy for Zoom calls or Team meetings. Or Mr Fox in Snow combines a light grey and white to create a subtle background but the pattern is playful and adds some fun to your working environment. The Silver variations gives you a slightly darker option.

Looting Fruits in pebble is another fun option for a grey theme. The chattering birds and hedgerow pattern break up the grey background nicely. Or you could go for Kelda in Pewter, which depicts a delightful woodland scene in springtime, complete with baby deer, squirrels, hedgehogs and hares. Or for any travel lovers, you can get lost in the streets of the Swedish capital with our Stockholm design. 

If you looking to pair your grey or white walls with a bright curtain colour then pinks and reds, yellow and blue go well. You could choose our Pepino fabric - Sky, Cinnamon and Ink. The deep blue background is complemented by the lighter shades while still being smart and professional enough for an office environment. For a playful pink option, we have Rosehip fabric in Milkshake & Poppy. We love @arcus_design home office. They've opted for whites and greys to create a light and professional space, with just a hint of fun hidden from any zoom meetings with a silver Mr Fox rug!