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Room to Grow with Mr Fox

Making décor choices for your little one’s nursery, before you’ve ever met, can be a minefield of Pinterest pins, Instagram saves, and an overload of swatches on the wall.

How do you reflect their developing personality while creating a tranquil and peaceful room? Are light tones simply too risky for sticky paws or perhaps not stimulating enough? And, how temporary will this decor be before evolving tastes change the story?

A neutral palette, for many, is the design comfort zone when it comes to refreshing a space with caution. Mr Fox is here to step it up a notch and give parents, both new and seasoned professionals, print and texture options that continue to glow as the little ones grow. Mr Fox is, after all, ageless – it’s his flawless complexion.

Even in simple, refined palettes such as Shadow and Snow, wondrous texture can be created, bringing a single wall or a full room to life. Not a fan of soft naturals? mix it up in Silver for a moodier, more textured hue and add statement accents in furniture, including natural ash woods and painted wardrobes and changing tables, for a room that speaks harmony in volumes for those first months when they get acquainted with their own room.

For a moment of playfulness, Mr Fox in his most natural shade, Ginger, works beautifully to accent a room with a fun yet natural edge, on walls and in curtain or blind options. This redhead doesn’t just look good ‘au naturel’, he can also pop in the pollinating shade of Sunflower/Gull/Chalk and even the bold Sage/Poppy combo.

The addition of the iconic friendly fox in his original size, Little, or the new Midi measurement, can bring immeasurable pleasure and a sense of fun to the room. What’s more, the fox doesn’t fade in style over time. His cool Scandi look, and neat aesthetic are a sure hit through the ages, offering bursts of personality and a certain foxy flair, no matter the age. If you’re feeling bold, then the original, larger-than-life Mr Fox is sure to tick all the boxes, but, should you wish to scale down in consideration for the size of the room or the range of walls you’ll be layering wallpaper on, Little and Midi Fox both hit the spot.

Here, scale can be key in drawing the eye out and making the most of the room’s size. In each instance, pairing ginger fox with other earthy tones and layers can take a nursery room from adorable to adaptable, creating a space that continues to spark enjoyment as the little ones grow older.

For those mamas and papas not wanting to go overboard with a theme, this is where Mr Fox really works - he’s so easy-going and adaptable to the various stages of a child’s life. Keeping the walls simple but adding in a smart Little Fox blind (blackout of course) with accent cushions and a central rug, can up the design of any nursery space, without over-committing.

As for the longevity of the design of this room, think about ways that the little nooks and accent zones will transform as they develop. What may start out as a feeding chair corner could become a reading nook as they learn their ABCs…

For little additions that make a big impact, consider framing Mr Fox paper cut-offs for a quirky print-on-print effect on walls, maybe even inverting the colours, if you’re so bold.

Finally, why not colour match your paint to your Mr Fox paper and fabric; paint the inside door and frame of your nursery to match the colour. Go all out and wash the shade along skirting and even the radiator for a complete and calming scheme.

How will you invite Mr Fox in? We’d love to see how our iconic fox glows as your little ones grow! Tag us @scion_living or #myscionstyle for a chance to be featured.

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