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Find the Perfect Wallpaper For Your Bedroom

For many of us sprucing up our house for the first time, painting is perceived as the best option. Simply buy a pot, a paintbrush and voilà. But is that really the case?

Don’t forget to put masking tape on sockets and skirting boards (which never seems to create a straight line!) or the horror when you suddenly find out your paint needs three layers before the colour looks even. You’re also limited to a singular colour and plain pattern...wallpaper to the rescue! Available in a huge variety of colours and patterns, wallpaper can instantly give your bedroom a whole new feel.

Wallpapering isn’t as hard as you might think, and if you do get stuck we’ve put together some handy how-to videos to help you out. By picking wallpaper for your bedroom you open yourself up to a diverse range of options, from bright florals to gorgeous geometrics. To help you get started we’ve put together some of our favourite bedroom wallpaper ideas, to give your space the makeover it deserves...

A Leafy Look

Leafy botanical and pretty floral designs have always been a popular choice for bedroom wallpaper, and they can be used in so many different ways. Either go bold with bright colours and more tropical designs, or opt for a more relaxed vibe with dainty florals in muted colour palettes. 

We have a whole range of botanical and floral wallpaper designs, but have some favourites! We love how this customer has used Kumana as a feature wall - and it looks as though her furry friend is a fan too! Or if bold and bright is more your thing, take inspiration from @thatssogemma’s bedroom with this exotic Hikkaduwa design.

Modern Monochrome

Is chic and stylish your style? Monochrome wallpaper is perfect for just adding a modern and sophisticated feel to your bedroom. Either stick with black and white for a grown up feel or try adding pops of colour - monochrome is a fabulous base for pairing it with other colour combinations. 

Below, Pedro wallpaper looks great when paired with mustard yellow and wood accessories for a stylish Scandi feel. Or for something a little more fancy, Genki below is paired with pops of gold and blush, tying the scheme together really nicely.

We’d recommend sticking to just one wall otherwise monochrome wallpaper can be a little overbearing in a bedroom, try using soft furnishings such as cushions and throws to add some softness.

Pedro penguin wallpaper / @georgie_hall_interior_design and her modern monochrome scheme using Genki

Gorgeous Grey

Grey is one of the most popular colour choices for interiors. It lends itself to a variety of interior styles, and acts as a great base tone for interiors, working well when combined with almost any colour. 

We have a variety of shades of grey too, from darker charcoal greys to more beige-shaded greys, so you can find the perfect look for your bedroom.

We love how our customer below has combined Kelda wallpaper in Pewter with dusky pink and rich blues for her daughter’s bedroom. For a different look, @background.salon has paired grey Mr Fox wallpaper with terracotta and mint green for a more grown up bedroom.

Kelda wallpaper in @fix_no_166's daughter's bedroom / Classic Mr Fox in Silver looking great in this grown up bedroom scheme by @anita_shea_at_3a

Cool, Scandi Vibes

A look that we’re really fond of here at Scion, the Scandi trend is all about combining a calming, neutral colour palette with minimalistic furniture and home accessories. Recreate Scandi elegance into your bedroom with some of our more simplistic wallpaper designs such as Lohko and Epsilon.

The beige colour palettes of this Scandi trend work really well in bedrooms because they give off a really relaxing feeling. It also means you’re able to add in pops of colour if you want to, try adding sage green or blush pink so as not to disrupt the tranquillity - and don’t forget the trusty pampas grass!

Lohko wallpaper adds pattern to the walls of this neutral scheme / Tocca in neutral tones adding to this calm, Scandi bedroom

Bold Pattern Clashing

Clashing patterns can be pretty daunting. Start off by picking a wallpaper design you love, then clash it with different designs, colours and textures in the form of bedding, throws, cushions and other accessories. Be brave and try not to think too much into it!

Our top tip would be to ensure the different patterns used throughout the room share at least one colour to create some level of  harmony and balance.

“Don’t be afraid to clash, have confidence in patterns you love. If you love it, it will work for you. It’s a good idea to start with cushions – layering different patterns and textures to dip your toe in the print, before going wild with wallpaper and curtains.“
Emma, Scion Stylist

Priya wallpaper combined with fabrics in a similar colour palette / Mr Fox wallpaper looking great in @aflickofpaint's son's bedroom

Go Mad For Geometrics

Let your walls do the talking with a statement geometric wallpaper. Combining abstract shapes with intricate patterns in a range of colour palettes, geometric prints are really versatile and great for modern schemes. 

Go for a more muted geometric in grey for a subtle effect or choose something daring like Lohko to really draw attention to your walls. Large patterns work well at making small rooms appear bigger too - win win!

Instagrammer @teriantilston got creative and used Rayo horizontally rather than vertically and paired it with bright pink for a really vibrant look.

Rayo wallpaper used by the lovely @teriantilston / Uteki wallpaper in a gorgeous emerald green

Cheeky Characters  

Scion wouldn’t be Scion without a cheery animal character or two! Ready to make themselves at home on your walls are Mr Fox, Pedro penguin and Lionel the leopard. Full of personality and cheeky charm, these cheerful animal motif wallpapers are sure to make you smile. 

Our cheeky Mr Fox works really well in children’s bedrooms and comes in a variety of colourways, or alternatively, Love Birds works beautifully for all ages in this delicious peachy colour palette.

Mr Fox adding a playful touch to this cute kids room by @happinessis_interiors / Love Birds wallpaper

Advice & how-to's

Picked your design but not sure where to start next? We have you covered with our how-to guides teaching you everything there is to know, such as how to put wallpaper up, how to wallpaper around a socket or window, and more.